The table below shows the different tables in the report database for the 4.0.x versions. This defines which tables are used in which report type and the Phase in which they are used in Ephesoft.

TABLE_NAME Report TypePhase
average_pages_per_batch Dashboard Final
batch_class ALL Intermediate
batch_class_ppm BCM Screen Final
batch_execution_data Dashboard and Standard Intermediate
batch_execution_data_advanced Advanced Intermediate
batch_instance ALL (Archival) Intermediate
batch_per_priority Dashboard Final
batch_per_priority_status Dashboard Final
batch_review_validate Standard Final
batch_status Dashboard Final
classification_correction Advanced Final
classification_correction_accuracy Advanced Final
document_correction Advanced Final
extraction_correction Advanced Final
false_positive Advanced Final
field_correction Advanced Final
field_correction_details Advanced Final
field_details Advanced/Analysis Grid Final
filter_columns Advanced Final
finished_batch_instance Dashboard and Standard Intermediate
finished_batch_module_xml_data Standard Intermediate
finished_batch_xml_data Dashboard and Standard Intermediate
global_data Advanced/Analysis Grid Intermediate
last_execution ALL Final
last_plugin_per_module_advanced Advanced Intermediate
modified_batch_instance Dashboard and Standard Intermediate
modified_batch_instance_advanced Advanced Intermediate
module_per_batch_instance Dashboard and Standard Intermediate
pages_per_day Dashboard Final
pages_per_month Dashboard Final
pages_per_year Dashboard Final
post_review_xml_details Advanced Intermediate
review_validate_backlog Dashboard Final
review_validate_backlog_dtls Dashboard Final
seperation_correction Advanced Final
seperation_correction_accuracy Advanced Final
server_status Dashboard Final
server_with_services Dashboard Final
throughput_report_1 Standard Final
throughput_report_2 Standard Final
unnecessary_review Advanced Final

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J.D. Abbey