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System is unable to convert email into PDF file.

Symptoms include:

  1. OpenOffice crashing
  2. PDF output stating “Attachment Conversion Ignored”
  3. New emails are not converted and new BIs not being created


As new versions and bug fixes of certain doc types are released, new versions of the Openoffice component are required to resolve some issues. We also have developed new features for automatic handling of email import recovery in other cases. With this in mind, we suggest either or all of the following:

  1. Test and upgrade to any version of or 3.1+ in case of needing better email import recovery
  2. Remove OpenOffice and use the latest LibreOffice in it’s place – in case of openoffice crashing with certain docs
  3. For alternate pdf produced stating “Attachment conversion ignored” within pdf – these type of issues are a configuration issue, where needs to be edited to specify what attachment file type extensions should be converted

Example: txt files are coming in as attachments with message “Attachment conversion ignored”

You would add txt to the following line (do not add pdf or tif to the config line) to have txt files converted: dcma.supported.attachment.extension=doc;xls;zip;txt

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Walter Lee